Vintage-Style Leather Camera Strap is Back in Stock!


The MakeMoves Photography Vintage-Style Leather Camera strap is back in stock on and now ships worldwide!

I’m extremely grateful to everyone for all of the positive (and the helpful critical) feedback whether it was a review left on Amazon or an email from a happy customer showing their appreciation.

I just wanted to create something simple to solve my own problem of camera straps either being too thin, bulky, or awkward. Mostly I wanted something understated that met my own standard of extremely high quality–something I could see attached to a Leica M6 being passed on to a son, daughter or grandchild. Thankfully other folks connected with those points as well.

I’ve learned so much along the way about branding, international logistics, product design and production. The biggest lesson was trusting myself enough to move by intuition once I had the basic information I needed. If you have an idea just move on it and don’t get caught up in rationalizing every aspect of it. Put the work in and trust your gut.

That’s a lesson I’ve carried over to MakeMoves Design which is also growing at a steady pace. I’m thankful every day for the opportunity to connect with and help other entrepreneurs by simply living a creative life.

Click below to purchase the strap on Amazon and share with any other shooters you know. I’m looking forward to releasing a second and third offering with different styles and features this year.

Trust the process!